Biometric Authentication and Verification
World Class branded products from Centerix ,the unique is we are providing the highest form of security within a range of Biometrics and Electromechanical Locking solutions and Products, involving hardware and software primarily developed by World Class team of highly experienced engineers.

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Cloud Contact Center
Our Cloud Contact Center is a service as well as a solution supporting stable and efficient operation of a contact center throughout integrating Smart Contact Center solution and the Cloud Computing resulting in minimum usage of resources. Our customers can make a choice between Private Cloud Contact Center and Public Cloud Contact Center according to their existing environment or preference.

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Maximize database performance with MaxGauge
MaxGauge is specialized in troubleshooting performance issues by providing integrated real-time monitoring and detailed post=analysis in one second interval for hundreds of different databases.
Optimize application performance with MaxGauge for Java
MaxGauge enhances end-to-end monitoring in the core system by providing operational visibility to all crucial performance indicators. MaxGauge allows you to quickly identify and resolve application problems to reduce troubleshooting time and prevent potential problems

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